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 Brand name 

“Jenurery” is a portmanteau from “Jennifer”, ”your” and “jewellery”. Pronouns ”January”. 


“Jen” is an abbreviated form of ”Jennifer”.

”ur” is a moronic abbreviation of “your” and 

“ery” is the last 3 letters in”jewellery”.

Jenurery inspired by January,the first month of the year.In ancient Roman, January was named after Jānus. Jānus was a god of doorways, beginnings, and the rising and setting of the sun. His name comes from the Latin jānus, meaning “doorway, archway, arcade.”

Jenurery means beginning and looking forward to the future. We hope you can celebrate your days with love and positivity. We hope our jewellery can brighten up your day. Wear our jewellery to enjoy smiles and praise.

About Us

Jenurery specialises in pearl jewellery with modern and timeless design. At Jenurery, we believe in creating fashionable pearl jewelry that inspires people moving forward and embracing changes.


Our jewellery is your everyday companion, we focus on high-quality jewellery that can be worn every day on any occasion. Jewellery is not solely for special events. We hope people can dress up anytime or throw their jewellery on with t-shirt and jeans.

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Inspired by everlasting lines and shapes, our jewellery is sleek and subtle, simple but sophisticated. Simple silhouette adds a sophisticated gleam to any outfit.

Design & Craftsmanship

Bringing each of our original designs to life is a journey. From brainstorming, sketching to 3D modelling, metalworking, our jewellery is designed and crafted with effort before they make their way to you. We handcraft every piece and work closely with the local manufacturer based in Hong Kong. We want you to love wearing every piece we make as much as we love creating them.

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Jennifer Ng

Jewellery Designer

“Since I was a child I have been very inclined to create things with my own hand. I was passionate about handcrafting and drawing.From cloth making, leather crafting to candle making, all made me feel authentic.Then,I found something challenging --metal work, which drove me to study jewellery design"

“Drawn to the bustling gemstone markets, I was fascinated by the astonishing array of pearls and I believed they have more to offer than traditional pearl jewellery.I began by creating simple jewellery for friends.I enjoy doing metal work on a jewellery bench and create things with my own hand,this is how Jenurery started.”

“I named it Jenurery because starting up this brand means a new start to me. I hope in the coming future,Jenurery can inspire you to be individual and confident. ”

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