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The moon glows underneath the rainbow

Sparkles like the silvery sea.


Pearl meaning

Pearls are famous for their highly defined reflections and shine.They do not arise from the crust of the earth but the depth of the sea. Pearls are the unique gemstone that requires no special polish or cutting to present their embedded lustrous beauty.The serene beauty of pearls shines with grace. People have worn and loved pearls because of their subtle elegance and versatility. These alluring sea gems symbolize affection and love, wealth as well as good fortune.


Pearls have long been a symbol of beauty, purity, and wealth. People believed pearls offer protection, as well as attract good luck. A pearl gem can help you deal with negative situations in life by surrounding you with healing energy and positivity. Some people view pearls as "a small reflection of the moon" because of their inner lustre and underwater mystique.


Not Your Grandma’s Pearls

When most people think of pearls, they instantly think of the classic standard. Most people associate the pearl necklace with their mother’s jewellery. Pearls have so much more to offer in terms of design, and for some reason that continues to surprise us.

Now the pearl accessories trend has evolved into its modern interpretation. Pearls have no doubt made their way to the recent trend book. Our mission is to bring style to the people, adding modern twists to the classic strand. Driven by the mood for minimal rebellion, these more affordable and playful pieces feel more timely than ever. We incorporate a more modern silhouette for pearl jewellery which is fresh and fun.

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